Friday, November 13, 2009

Daily, Weekly, and Random Activities and Health Concerns!

First semester is coming to an end and the result final assignments were turning me crazy. Lucky that i always follow mom's saying of not to procrastinating. The pile of books were the resources for my management paper. It was an effortful one, many things to write with limited 1500 words. Oh dear.... I only got two assignments left of a presentation and a paper writing for religion studies.

Daddy and Tigger woods are my inspirations. I managed to bring a set of golf club to Karawaci so that i could do some driving here. For a month and a half, its a saturday doing. Never thought that golf could really make me tired, 100 balls are squeezing. I am progressing well, i can hit with iron 7 up to 150 yards. Praising myself here.
For the many times, girls were dominating the class
Finally, after months since i had a real nice bites of Carl's Junior burger, i found a burger stall that could substitute the cheesy juicy of Carl's.

Here's daddy.
Look, i got my own very personal stylist. She even did the button for me! great! hahaha, nope! She is my cousin, she lent me a jacket for my cousin's wedding!

Turn up swimming once or twice a week. I really put the most energies to this, it really kill some fat, perhaps it also grow me taller. The fact is that, i am taller than one of my friends who was taller than me a moth ago. Awesome. The shit effect of swimming is that i got really wasted and couldn't afford to keep my eyes open for study! hahah..

These girls are currently transforming me into a photo freak!

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