Thursday, November 26, 2009


In the morning people start their day with a set of breakfast, and i start it differently. Most of the time i start it with seconds of glance at the mirror of me making my huge smile. Many people say smiling is really helpful, mostly when it comes to those days where there are things that stress you up, i do agree with them. Smiling does literally soothes and boost up your good moods, so keep on smiling people. Here are previews of the week!

Christian is finally here. He was my room mate in Malaysia. He is now pursuing his degree in Singapore and he afforded to buy his own ticket to go to Jakarta. His girlfriend is here, so it is certain that the visit is not supposedly aimed to meet me, it is his girlfriend. Neways, i dont mind. hahah... This week would be a heavy spending one, i've got to accompany him everywhere and cash has always been the problem. hahahha... but, sure i'll enjoy it!
Sushi and ramen temptations. Yeay, i've been tempted to have sushi and ramen these days, and finally i made it!

a good thing about Karawaci, it is vegetated with green trees blocking the sun radiation, so it wont be that hot. Lately, the weather has been unfriendly and unsupportive, it was a heavy thunderstorm and it will still remain another thunderstorm coming up.
Since, i transfered to Jakarta, i've never posted anything regarding my comfort zone. Here are the beds inside my room which are things that occupied most of the room space, its packed!. I am sharing the room with my eldest brother and its tiring. I continuously need to clean up hiss mess, he's comics are everywhere, clothes and everything. The room used to be a devastating one, with additional thick dust hovering the room and covering everything.
Studies have been good. I score good on all quizes these days. The studying are paid enough!
While i was gone to the driving range on Saturday. A super pleasing and fine weather.
Well, this one absolutely does not reflect anythings related to the title of the post. This is the sad part, i just bought this shoes for around a month. I wore it most of the days, college, malls and everywhere. It simply fitted my tight jeans, so i wore it. Raining season is here, when it rained, it was seriously unsupportive, it was heavy. I wouldn't consider it as a rain, instead i would call it a storm. I was riding my motor bike, sending my brother to his base-camp and the sky was badly dark and gloomy. I thought at the time when i reach home then it was going to rain, but I miscalculated. Just half way from campus to the base camp, the rain started with thunders companion. A wet shivering body finally I reached home. My shoes was wet and the next day, the daily house keeper came and sun dried it outside. She forgot to take it back inside the house and the next day she came, bumping on the door while i was sleeping and panickly "Den, sepatunya dimana" What??? sepatu mana??? and the shoes is gone.!!! ahahahha....

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