Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Class

Hi everyone its been couple of months since i last updated my blog. I'd been really busy, the assignments were awful, but luckily i managed to cope with it, besides the exams were over materialized , study materials are like piles and piles. furthermore, i was busy participating in the university student association. However, everything has gone well, but the scores of the subject i took last semester have not been notified, when it should have been.

During the semester break, i insisted of not going back to Bali since my parents and sister came by to stay with me in Karawaci, Jakarta. I'd agree, that it was another good way of spending holidays, whole lots of fun. We drove up to Bandung somewhere on the other side of Jakarta. Basically its a highland, the medium cold weather condition and a bit of sun heats, simply fit us well. As usual, mom's number one priority was shopping, we hopped through stores and stores. Being her companion was a pleasure for me, besides of being her bag holder and the good courier, she in return bought me stuffs. We only spent a night in Bandung, with a car problem a bit spoiling the fun holidays.

Daddy was really nice, he brought me his brand new iron golf club ". As usual Dad is the type of person who enjoys sitting up in cafes while having sip of coffees. He purposefully bring his sport shoes just to go on driving range with me but unfortunately, our schedule was very packed. One'd like to go to a mall, another longing for new clothes , and another longing for something. We did not have enough time, so we did not go to the driving range ( dont worry daddy, i'll be practicing over here)

Today, is the first day of summer class. I arrived late in the class and did not have any of the study materials. Hopefully, i will score higher GPA this semester.

Wish Me Well

cheers people

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My 3 Weeks Holiday

After coping with the tension due to the final examination, the pay off finally came and done. I had a 3 weeks holiday, that i spent in Bali. Here are words that would describe my days in bali : beach, sunburnt, party, alcohol, family, and friends. I know you guys envy me! hahahah...

This is the good thing about Bali, it always colors it's sky nicely on every single day. One of the many reasons that it becomes the right destination for holiday!!!

My grandma has turned 86 by now. We arranged a birthday celebration for her, invited around 300 people. It was not an even organizer work this time, we managed it our own and we even did the performance. I can say it was a blast and impressive, i am grateful for having such a big family that could work together. I really put much effort for her birthday. On her 86th birthday i was assigned to perform a capoera show that i couldn't do and have a null idea about. One of my sisters boyfriend is really good at it and he became our instructor for the preparation. Couples of meeting for it and the show went pretty good with a bit of mistake that i did. i messed the show. here is the link if you'd like to see more for my grandma's 86 blast

This is Serangan. It is the only place i surd nowadays. I always prefer this surf spot rather than any other. I surfed this place since 3 years back and i am considered as one of the local. It is not really known by many people, which is one of my reasons for choosing this place to be my favorite surf spot, the wave was also good in size and shape. The bikkinis girl sunbathed and you can even sometime see some of them not wearing bra!! yeah!!! hahahahha
This is the same beach with the above picture. Sitting at the beach is my favorite way of spending time. I usually lay on the beach wooden bed while drinking teh botol and waited for the tide to get a lil bit higher, unless i'll be walking on the reef that is quite hurtful. Urgghh, i bet you would also like it if you were me sitting at the same beach! give it a try!
Look, this beach is dreamland, somewhere located in Nusadua area. It used to be hidden and only local surfer knows this place. But the construction of golf course, hotels, villas, and even club in this area made it become one of the "must" place to visit for visitors. local visitors and tourist were sharing the spot, you can see how crowded it really is!
The new years celebration is always a family occasion. Its repeating from year to years friend asking "Hey where are you going for the countdown?" i would always answer it "You know , its a family time !" and they would understand. This closing of 2009 and open of 2010 was done in my aunty restaurant. My really huge family started from grandma to grandson gathered up together. We waited till the clock beat 12 and it was a long hugging and kissing time with each other. Fireworks were also there decorating the skies, we participated for it, we bought a carton full of it. The only different of this new year with the last was that the fireworks was really everywhere. I guess the authorized did not get too strict this time of confiscating the illegal fireworks that was sold on the side of the street.
I am sure that you wont hesitate to go if anyone ask you to come to bali for holiday. This is the reason that Bali was so crowded during my holiday. It was december when everyone had their day offs. Bali is cheap, and really a suitable place for holiday. The real destination for getting away from your hectic but ironically when people from all indonesia has chosen the same place for holiday, it ends up not to be a holiday and perhaps a traffic jam. The street was fully jammed with cars from Java "I believe so"! For this reason, i often felt lazy to go out anywhere and prefer stayed home.
We dont really celebrate christmas religiously thou, but i love the sensation that it gives, even in Bali there was no such a special decoration and stuffs, but i dont know i just can feel the christmas. rhahahha.... Office was closed during Christmas. It was a spontaneous big family trip that mommy and daddy arranged. We headed to the most upper part of Bali, Amed. It is well known for its natural untouched nature. The forest still remain as a forest, the seas still remain as the sea, the coral reef still remain as the coral reef. Besides it wouldnt cost you much if you would like to give a visit, the hotel or you might say bungalow is really on your budget! It was a 3 hours trip from my house and my ass flattened for sitting too long in the car. We didn't stay over, we arrived at the exact location and just swam and had our fresh juices. After all it was a really exhausting trip and yet a great family reunion time.

She is one of my nieces, i found her very cute and so i decided to put her pict in my blog. Btw, her name is leafe!!! hahahah.....

Upon my 2nd day of arrival at Karawaci, I had an invitation to attend that was Elin's "the girl on the picture" eldest sister's wedding ceremony. I wouldn't talk much about the ceremony but i would say it was awesome. Congratulation to her Sister!! Good Luck!

The holiday is over and second semester has begun! Its my time to do my role of studying and focussing on my studies! I am aiming for a better GPA this semester. Be with me people!! Rock On!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


In the morning people start their day with a set of breakfast, and i start it differently. Most of the time i start it with seconds of glance at the mirror of me making my huge smile. Many people say smiling is really helpful, mostly when it comes to those days where there are things that stress you up, i do agree with them. Smiling does literally soothes and boost up your good moods, so keep on smiling people. Here are previews of the week!

Christian is finally here. He was my room mate in Malaysia. He is now pursuing his degree in Singapore and he afforded to buy his own ticket to go to Jakarta. His girlfriend is here, so it is certain that the visit is not supposedly aimed to meet me, it is his girlfriend. Neways, i dont mind. hahah... This week would be a heavy spending one, i've got to accompany him everywhere and cash has always been the problem. hahahha... but, sure i'll enjoy it!
Sushi and ramen temptations. Yeay, i've been tempted to have sushi and ramen these days, and finally i made it!

a good thing about Karawaci, it is vegetated with green trees blocking the sun radiation, so it wont be that hot. Lately, the weather has been unfriendly and unsupportive, it was a heavy thunderstorm and it will still remain another thunderstorm coming up.
Since, i transfered to Jakarta, i've never posted anything regarding my comfort zone. Here are the beds inside my room which are things that occupied most of the room space, its packed!. I am sharing the room with my eldest brother and its tiring. I continuously need to clean up hiss mess, he's comics are everywhere, clothes and everything. The room used to be a devastating one, with additional thick dust hovering the room and covering everything.
Studies have been good. I score good on all quizes these days. The studying are paid enough!
While i was gone to the driving range on Saturday. A super pleasing and fine weather.
Well, this one absolutely does not reflect anythings related to the title of the post. This is the sad part, i just bought this shoes for around a month. I wore it most of the days, college, malls and everywhere. It simply fitted my tight jeans, so i wore it. Raining season is here, when it rained, it was seriously unsupportive, it was heavy. I wouldn't consider it as a rain, instead i would call it a storm. I was riding my motor bike, sending my brother to his base-camp and the sky was badly dark and gloomy. I thought at the time when i reach home then it was going to rain, but I miscalculated. Just half way from campus to the base camp, the rain started with thunders companion. A wet shivering body finally I reached home. My shoes was wet and the next day, the daily house keeper came and sun dried it outside. She forgot to take it back inside the house and the next day she came, bumping on the door while i was sleeping and panickly "Den, sepatunya dimana" What??? sepatu mana??? and the shoes is gone.!!! ahahahha....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Daily, Weekly, and Random Activities and Health Concerns!

First semester is coming to an end and the result final assignments were turning me crazy. Lucky that i always follow mom's saying of not to procrastinating. The pile of books were the resources for my management paper. It was an effortful one, many things to write with limited 1500 words. Oh dear.... I only got two assignments left of a presentation and a paper writing for religion studies.

Daddy and Tigger woods are my inspirations. I managed to bring a set of golf club to Karawaci so that i could do some driving here. For a month and a half, its a saturday doing. Never thought that golf could really make me tired, 100 balls are squeezing. I am progressing well, i can hit with iron 7 up to 150 yards. Praising myself here.
For the many times, girls were dominating the class
Finally, after months since i had a real nice bites of Carl's Junior burger, i found a burger stall that could substitute the cheesy juicy of Carl's.

Here's daddy.
Look, i got my own very personal stylist. She even did the button for me! great! hahaha, nope! She is my cousin, she lent me a jacket for my cousin's wedding!

Turn up swimming once or twice a week. I really put the most energies to this, it really kill some fat, perhaps it also grow me taller. The fact is that, i am taller than one of my friends who was taller than me a moth ago. Awesome. The shit effect of swimming is that i got really wasted and couldn't afford to keep my eyes open for study! hahah..

These girls are currently transforming me into a photo freak!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Missed my lunch

Due to misscomunication in my groups, there was a double task done where one part is not. In result of this I got to skip my lunch and spent my lunch time doing the assignment for the group. I was super hungry and it was a 3 hours microeconomic class. Gracia, one of my friends who was on holiday at europe brought us a plastic of chocolate. One two three and never enough, kept on taking from the plastic until final count, I ate 15! Hahaha... Chocolate is addicitve! Wathc out!
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Sorry for the late update, its been a month. So, lately i've been spending lots of time studying, there are so much to study. Microeconomics is killing me, i dont even get a bit of it, I am planning to have friend to teach me to do it, the calculation that requires advance math buried me on unknowing the subject. Management organization is superb. Basketball is daily, the campus basketball competition is about to begin this next month, so the preparation is needed.