Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Class

Hi everyone its been couple of months since i last updated my blog. I'd been really busy, the assignments were awful, but luckily i managed to cope with it, besides the exams were over materialized , study materials are like piles and piles. furthermore, i was busy participating in the university student association. However, everything has gone well, but the scores of the subject i took last semester have not been notified, when it should have been.

During the semester break, i insisted of not going back to Bali since my parents and sister came by to stay with me in Karawaci, Jakarta. I'd agree, that it was another good way of spending holidays, whole lots of fun. We drove up to Bandung somewhere on the other side of Jakarta. Basically its a highland, the medium cold weather condition and a bit of sun heats, simply fit us well. As usual, mom's number one priority was shopping, we hopped through stores and stores. Being her companion was a pleasure for me, besides of being her bag holder and the good courier, she in return bought me stuffs. We only spent a night in Bandung, with a car problem a bit spoiling the fun holidays.

Daddy was really nice, he brought me his brand new iron golf club ". As usual Dad is the type of person who enjoys sitting up in cafes while having sip of coffees. He purposefully bring his sport shoes just to go on driving range with me but unfortunately, our schedule was very packed. One'd like to go to a mall, another longing for new clothes , and another longing for something. We did not have enough time, so we did not go to the driving range ( dont worry daddy, i'll be practicing over here)

Today, is the first day of summer class. I arrived late in the class and did not have any of the study materials. Hopefully, i will score higher GPA this semester.

Wish Me Well

cheers people

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