Sunday, January 10, 2010

My 3 Weeks Holiday

After coping with the tension due to the final examination, the pay off finally came and done. I had a 3 weeks holiday, that i spent in Bali. Here are words that would describe my days in bali : beach, sunburnt, party, alcohol, family, and friends. I know you guys envy me! hahahah...

This is the good thing about Bali, it always colors it's sky nicely on every single day. One of the many reasons that it becomes the right destination for holiday!!!

My grandma has turned 86 by now. We arranged a birthday celebration for her, invited around 300 people. It was not an even organizer work this time, we managed it our own and we even did the performance. I can say it was a blast and impressive, i am grateful for having such a big family that could work together. I really put much effort for her birthday. On her 86th birthday i was assigned to perform a capoera show that i couldn't do and have a null idea about. One of my sisters boyfriend is really good at it and he became our instructor for the preparation. Couples of meeting for it and the show went pretty good with a bit of mistake that i did. i messed the show. here is the link if you'd like to see more for my grandma's 86 blast

This is Serangan. It is the only place i surd nowadays. I always prefer this surf spot rather than any other. I surfed this place since 3 years back and i am considered as one of the local. It is not really known by many people, which is one of my reasons for choosing this place to be my favorite surf spot, the wave was also good in size and shape. The bikkinis girl sunbathed and you can even sometime see some of them not wearing bra!! yeah!!! hahahahha
This is the same beach with the above picture. Sitting at the beach is my favorite way of spending time. I usually lay on the beach wooden bed while drinking teh botol and waited for the tide to get a lil bit higher, unless i'll be walking on the reef that is quite hurtful. Urgghh, i bet you would also like it if you were me sitting at the same beach! give it a try!
Look, this beach is dreamland, somewhere located in Nusadua area. It used to be hidden and only local surfer knows this place. But the construction of golf course, hotels, villas, and even club in this area made it become one of the "must" place to visit for visitors. local visitors and tourist were sharing the spot, you can see how crowded it really is!
The new years celebration is always a family occasion. Its repeating from year to years friend asking "Hey where are you going for the countdown?" i would always answer it "You know , its a family time !" and they would understand. This closing of 2009 and open of 2010 was done in my aunty restaurant. My really huge family started from grandma to grandson gathered up together. We waited till the clock beat 12 and it was a long hugging and kissing time with each other. Fireworks were also there decorating the skies, we participated for it, we bought a carton full of it. The only different of this new year with the last was that the fireworks was really everywhere. I guess the authorized did not get too strict this time of confiscating the illegal fireworks that was sold on the side of the street.
I am sure that you wont hesitate to go if anyone ask you to come to bali for holiday. This is the reason that Bali was so crowded during my holiday. It was december when everyone had their day offs. Bali is cheap, and really a suitable place for holiday. The real destination for getting away from your hectic but ironically when people from all indonesia has chosen the same place for holiday, it ends up not to be a holiday and perhaps a traffic jam. The street was fully jammed with cars from Java "I believe so"! For this reason, i often felt lazy to go out anywhere and prefer stayed home.
We dont really celebrate christmas religiously thou, but i love the sensation that it gives, even in Bali there was no such a special decoration and stuffs, but i dont know i just can feel the christmas. rhahahha.... Office was closed during Christmas. It was a spontaneous big family trip that mommy and daddy arranged. We headed to the most upper part of Bali, Amed. It is well known for its natural untouched nature. The forest still remain as a forest, the seas still remain as the sea, the coral reef still remain as the coral reef. Besides it wouldnt cost you much if you would like to give a visit, the hotel or you might say bungalow is really on your budget! It was a 3 hours trip from my house and my ass flattened for sitting too long in the car. We didn't stay over, we arrived at the exact location and just swam and had our fresh juices. After all it was a really exhausting trip and yet a great family reunion time.

She is one of my nieces, i found her very cute and so i decided to put her pict in my blog. Btw, her name is leafe!!! hahahah.....

Upon my 2nd day of arrival at Karawaci, I had an invitation to attend that was Elin's "the girl on the picture" eldest sister's wedding ceremony. I wouldn't talk much about the ceremony but i would say it was awesome. Congratulation to her Sister!! Good Luck!

The holiday is over and second semester has begun! Its my time to do my role of studying and focussing on my studies! I am aiming for a better GPA this semester. Be with me people!! Rock On!

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